3Axis and Z-Motorized Model 3Axis Measuring Model
  - MM400/800 LM   - MM400/800 L / SL
2-Axis Measuring Model

High Power 3-Axis Z-Motorizer Model

  - MM400/800 / S   - MM400/800 LUM
High Power 3Axis Measurement Model 2-Axis Measuring Model
  - MM400/800 LU / SLU   - MM200  
투영기 Digimicro
  - V-12B   - MF-1001
  - V-20B   - MF-501
  - V-24B   - MH-15M
카달로그 Down

MM-400/800 Series는 니콘이 차세대 측정
현미경입니다. 무겁고 큰 셈플도 측정할 수
있으며 디지털 이미지로 처리된 영상은
E-MAX 소프트웨어를 응용하여 보다 쉽고
간편하게 측정 할 수 있으며 이를 데이타로
저장이 가능합니다.

New 300mm x 200mm Stage
Add body strength enables the use of larger stages, such as the newly developed 12x8 stages, allowing for larger workpieces.
MM Controller Backpack Interface
Illumination, X/Y stage and Z data can be connected to the MM Controller as an interface to an external computer running E-Max software for data processing and system control.
All White LED Illuminators
High-intensity white LED illuminator is provided as standard for brightfield use . This illuminator feature no bulb replacement and constant color temperature, enabling measurement with high-precision and efficiency.
Non-Contact Height Measurement Technology FA Head TTL Laser AF for Universal Epi-Illuminator.
TTL Laser AF (Universal Type)
This Laser AF system features a 0.5 second focusing speed with a repeatability as high as 0.5μm.
Focusing Aid (FA)
The newly developed split-prism Focusing Aid(FA) delivers sharp patterns to allow accurate focusing during Z-axis measurements. Measurements errors due to differences in the depth of focus of different objectives are minimized.
Semiconductor packages, Bonding placement, Loop height, FPD panel (LCM) MEMS, Wafer level CSP, HDD slider