3Axis and Z-Motorized Model 3Axis Measuring Model
  - MM400/800 LM   - MM400/800 L / SL
2-Axis Measuring Model

High Power 3-Axis Z-Motorizer Model

  - MM400/800 / S   - MM400/800 LUM
High Power 3Axis Measurement Model 2-Axis Measuring Model
  - MM400/800 LU / SLU   - MM200  
투영기 Digimicro
  - V-12B   - MF-1001
  - V-20B   - MF-501
  - V-24B   - MH-15M
카달로그 Down

Nikon Autocoliimators 6B and 6D both employ 70mm aperture
lenses to produce clear reflected images. they also feature
extemely accurate double line reticle for improved detection
Both give readings of angular displacement to 0.5 second of
arc using an easy to read large diameter mocrometer drum.
model 6B os a bright viewfield type, while 6D is a dark viewfield
type . Model 6D os very effective when measuring with a small
plane mirror or a low- reflective plane surface

Telescope magnification 38x
Objective f=700mm;
effective aperture : 70mm
Measuring range 30minutes of arc
(both vertical and horizontal axes)
Minimum reading 0.5 second of arc
Readout system Adjustment in viewfield and reading on micrometer
Measuring accuracy 0.5 second of arc within a range of 6 minutes of arc
1 second of arc within a range of 30 minutes of arc
Viewfield 6B : bright 6D : dark
Light source 6V 15W special buld
Power supply AC 100V 50/60Hz
Dimensions of main body Outer diameter of lens barrel support : 68mm Overall length : approx 490mm
Weight(including stand) Approx 30Kg