Infrared Camera Fixed Mount Type
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Super Fine Thermo TVS-8500
Super Fine Thermo TVS-8500

- High speed measurement of 120 frames/second.
- High sensitivity of 0.025°C.
- 4 External sync for data recording.
- Equipped with a large capacity realtime recorder which can store up to 1000 frames of thermal images.





InSb FPA (256x256 pixels)

 Detector cooling method

Stirling Cooler

 Temperature measurement range

-40°C to 900°C

 Minimum temperature resolution

0.025°C or less (30°C black body)

 Scaning Speed

1/120 seconds

 Wave length

3.5 to 4.1μm 4.5 to 5.1μm

 Field of view (FOV)

14.6(H)x14.6(V) (when standard lens is used)

 Measured distance

30cm to infinity

 A/D conversion


 Correction function

Emissivity/reflectivity correction, auto room temperature correction


5-inch LCD


Multi point temperature measurement, memory, zoom, isotherm

Highest temperature display, display color selection, averaging, A scope

Auto/manual temperature range switching

Thermography recording/play back

Compact flash card 50 frames with 10MB card

Compact flash card 50 frames with 10MB card. Real Time Recorder over 1000 frames.

 Image output


External interface


RS-232C, IEEE1394

 Input power

AC100V/AC240V, 50/60Hz


200(W)x250(D)x120(H)mm (excluding protrusions)


Approx. 5kg or less