Infrared Camera Fixed Mount Type
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Thermo Tracer TH7800

- High quality image 320×240 pixel radiometric Uncooled FPA equipped.
- Visual camera built in Simultaneous storage of infrared and visual images in the same file.
- Flip-up 3.5 inch LCD Adjustable for suitable angle to your eye position.
- Laser pointer Shows measuring position.
- Transfers images to PC via USB2.0
- Easy to hold Single hand control with either right or left hand.

 Measuring range
Range 1
Range 2
Range 3

-20 to 100℃
0 to 250℃
200 to 1000℃

 Temperature resolution

0.05°C(at 30°C, Σ16)
0.1°C(at 30°C, 60Hz)


±2°C or ±2% of reading whichever greater


Uncooled FPA, 320(H) x 240(V) VOx microbolometer

 Spectral range

8 to 14μm



 Focus range

50cm to ∞

 Field of view

27.0°(H) x 20.0°(V)±5%

 Frame time

60 frame/sec


3.5 inch LCD monitor

 Thermal image pixels


 Measuring functions

S/N improvement OFF,Σ2,Σ8,Σ16
Spatial filter ON/OFF

 Ambient correction


 Auto functions

Level/sense auto, Level trace, auto-gain control

 Display functions

Display color : color/monochrome, positive/negative
Gradation : 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Color palette : rainbow, brightness, shine, hot-iron,medical, fine
Isothermal display : max. 4 bands
Battery monitor

 Image processing

Variable level/sense
Multi-point temperature display (4pts)
Multi-point emissivity display (4pts)
Temperature difference between 2 points
Max/Min (peak hold) temperature display
Alarm (full screen or specified box)
Digital zoom : 2, 4 times (Run/Freeze)
Box setting (max. 5 boxes)

 Image storage

Up to 1000 images(SIT file format:thermal & visual)


USB2.0/1.1(Mass storage mode),
Video signal(NTSC/PAL)/S-video

 Visual camera

Detector: 0.41Mega pixels
Image pixel: 752(H) x 480(V) pixels
FOV:34.6°(H) x 25.9°(V) or larger
Sensitivity: 1 lux
Focusing range: 50cm to infinity
Auto exposure: provided
Video signal output: NTSC/PAL

 Laser pointer

Class 2 (1mW/635nm red)

 Operating temperature humidity

-15 to 45°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)

 Storage temperature humidity

-40 to 70°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)

 Environmental protection

IP54 (IEC60529)

 Dimensions & weight

102(W) x 217(H) x 205(D) mm (excluding projections),
1.3kg (including battery)

 Standard accessories

AC adaptor, battery pack (2pcs), battery charger,
USB cable, lens cap, wrist strap, carrying case,
viewer software, operation manual