Infrared Camera Fixed Mount Type
  - TVS-8500   - TVS-50SC
  - H2640   - TH9100 Series
  - TVS-500EX    
  - TVS-500EXZ    
  - TH9100MR/WR    
  - TVS-200EX    
  - TH7800N    
  - TH7700    
  - F30    
Advanced Thermo TVS-500EXZ

- Zoom from wide angle to telescope. no lens change isrequired(4 times optical zoom ratio).
- Up to 16 times telescopic zoom.
- High spatial resolution-higher accuracy(0.59mrad).
- Real time camera control and digital image acquisition via USB interface is included.
- Real time(60 frames per second) digital image acquisition with optional onboard memory.

 Measuring range

-40 to 500℃:Standard
  to 2000℃ (with optional high temperature filter)

 Temperature resolution

Better than 0.1℃ with Averaging

 Frame time

1/60 seconds


Uncooled FPA, 320(H) x 240(V) VOx microbolometer


8 to 14μm


Telescope 10.8°(H)x8.1°(V) ~ Wide angle 43.1°(H)x32.3°(V)

 Spacial resolution

0.59 ~ 2.35mrad

 Measurement distance

30cm(f=10mm) ~ ∞

 Effective pixels



3.5" semi-transmissive color LCD monitor, Inverted display

 Visible camera



Multi point temperature display

5 points

Multi point emissivity correction

5 points (Back Calculation)

Mixing Image Display

Mixing of thermal image and visible image display with sequential ration change

Max/min temperature position tracking


Auto temperature tracking

AS (auto sense), AP (auto point), PPM mode, R&D mode, Medical mode

Digital zoom

×2, ×4 (scroll display, area designation possible)



Isotherm function


Grid display


Color palette

Rainbow/hotiron/ironbar/whiteblack/black white/contrast

Image improvement function

Averaging process

Other functions

Emissivity correction, day and time display, battery volume, memo, last memory

 CF Card

Data Storage

300/64MB. Up to 512MB.
Realtime memory (option) 400 frames (standard), 1600 frames (reduced size)


CF format, delete, create directory, file name input, one shot recording,
interval recording, one shot playback, gallery display, file name display

File format

IRI, BMP (thermal image)/JPG (visible image)/BMP (mixing image)/LOG Simultaneous recording of thermal image, visible image, and mixing image.

Interval recording

3S to 23H59m59s (1/60s to when using optional realtime memory)

 Temperature unit


 Video output


 PC Interface

RS-232C,USB, IEEE1394(option)


Battery (Li-ion), AC adapter, Long life battery (option)

 Power Consumtion


 Battery run time

Approx 2H, approx 4H (when using optional long life battery)

 Operational temperature/humidity

-10 to 50℃/RH80% or less (no condensation)


140(H)×140(W)×305(D)mm including protrusions

 Environmental protection

IP54 (IEC60529)


30G JISC0041/IEC60068-2-27


3G JISC0040/IEC60068-2-6