Infrared Camera Fixed Mount Type
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Fixed Mount Type Infrared Thermal Imager TS9100

- Used as a stand-alone monitoring system.
- Uses general-purpose interfaces and cables.
- Large system configurable.
- Software Development Kit (SDK).
- Robust construction for field operation.




 Measuring range

Range 1

-20 to 100°C(calibrated at 0 to 100°C. Outside is theoretical value)

-40 to 120°C(calibrated at 0 to 120°C. Outside is theoretical value)

Range 2

0 to 250°C(calibrated at 0 to 250°C)

0 to 500°C(calibrated at 0 to 500°C)

Range 3

200 to 1000°C or 200 to 2000°C (without range 1& 2)

(Defined as waveform noise/10)

Range 1

0.06°C(at 30°C 60Hz)
0.03°C(at 30°C S16)

0.08°C(at 30°C 60Hz)
0.04°C(at 30°C S16)

Range 2

0.15°C(at 30°C 60Hz)
0.08°C(at 30°C S16)

0.30°C(at 30°C 60Hz)
0.15°C(at 30°C S16)


±2°C or ±2% of reading whichever is greater(When ambient temp 0?40°C, standard 21.7°lens used, focusing range 50cm)

 Frame time

1/60 seconds


Uncooled FPA(microbolometer)

 Spectral range

8 to 14μm

 Field of view

21.7°±1.1°(H) × 16.4°±0.9° (V)when using standard 21.7° lens


1.2mrad (When standard 21.7° lens is used.)

 Focusing range

30cm to infinity (motor driven only, at std, wide-angle, 29°lenses

 Thermal image pixels

320(H)×240(V) pixels(Three lines each on all edges are out of specification)

 Alarm output

Contact output(photo MOS relay), voltage:DC+10 to 27V,
current:40mA or less

 A/D resolution

14 bits

 Measuring functions
  S/N improvement
  Event output

Σ2, Σ8, Σ16, and spatial filter ON/OFF
Screen display


Provided(including interval NUC)

 Background compensation


 Auto functions

Full automatic(level,sense,focus),auto level/sense(manual available), auto focus, level trace, auto-gain control

 Display functions

Display color : color/monochrome, positive/negative
Gradation:16, 32, 64, 128, 256
Color palette : rainbow, brightness, shine, hot-iron, medical, fine
Isothermal band display : max 4 bands
Multi-sense display
Wave form display: X-Y waveform at freeze mode
Alarm display : alarms of temp and TS9100 self diagnosis
Multilingual menu

 Image processing functions

Variable level/sense
Multi-point temperature display (up to 10 points)
Multi-point emissivity correction (up to 10 points)
Temperature difference between 2 points (Δt)
Max/Min (peak hold) temperature display
Temperature alarm out
Digital zoom: 2, 4 times (Run/Freeze)
BOX setting, up to 5 boxes (max, min, average)


Text annotation

 Video signal output

NTSC/PAL composite video signal (BNC connector)


RS-232C (standard) IEEE1394 or Ethernet (option: select when order)

 Operating temp/humidity

-15 to 50°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)

 Storage temp/humidity

-40 to 70°C, 90% RH or less (not condensed)

 Power supply

DC 11 to 13V

 Power consumption

Approx. 5W(typical): at environmental temp 20°C, RUN mode, RS-232C interface

 Environmental protection

IP54 (IEC60529)

 Shock and Vibration

Shock: 294m/sec2 (30G) (IEC60068-2-27)
Vibration: 29.4m/sec2 (3G) (IEC60068-2-6)


Approx. 99 (W) x 112 (H) x 206 (D) mm
(w/ standard, wide-angle or 29° lens: excluding projection)
Approx. 112 (W) x 112 (H) x 230 (D) mm
(with 2x telephoto lens: excluding projection)

 Standard accessories

Lens cap, operation manual, power connector