Upright Type

Inverted Type
  - LV100D / 100DA   - MA100
  - LV150 / 150A   - MA200
  - LV-UDM    
  - LV150L    
  - L200N / 200ND    
  - L300N / 300ND Accessories (카달로그 참조)
카달로그 Down

- 75mm x 50mm, 150mm x 100mm, 150mm x 1500 Stage
- 50,000hr 절전형 LED 조명을 이용한 관찰 모드
- 다양한 관찰모드 (Brightfield, Simple Polarizing, DIC)
- CFI60렌즈 사용으로 더욱 길어진 Working Distance와 높은 N.A값으로 선명한 Image 구현


Eclipse LV150L

 Main body

Baseless type (spacer insertable between arm and stand);
Max. sample height 47mm (when configured with 3x2 stage/6x4 stage),82mm with column riser, 116.5mm with Suruga Seiki B23-60CR;

 Focusing  mechanism

Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob, left: coarse/fine, right: fine;
Stroke 40mm, coarse 14.0mm/rotation (torque adjustable, with refocusing mechanism), fine focusing 0.1mm/rotation (1mm/increments)


C-N6 Nosepiece (brightfield, sextuple)
L-NBD5 Nosepiece (bright/darkfield)
L-NU5 Nosepiece (universal)

 Episcopic  illuminator  LV-U EPI

White LED is bright and long life;
Aperture diaphragms synchronized
ø25mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4) insertable; Polarizer/analyzer insertable

 Eyepiece  Tube

LV-TI3 Trinocular (erect image, F.O.V. 22/25),
LV-TT2 Tilting Trinocular (erect image, F.O.V. 22/25),
Y-TF Trinocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22/25),
Y-TB Binocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22),
C-TE Tilting Binocular (inverted image, F.O.V. 22)


LV-S32 3x2 Stage (stroke: 75x50 mm including glass plate), ESD-applied (excluding glass plate)
LV-S64 6x4 Stage (stroke: 150x100 mm including glass plate), ESD-applied (excluding glass plate)
LV-S6 6x6 Stage (stroke: 150x150 mm; only for episcopic illumination)


CFI eyepiece series

 Objective  lens

CFI60 series

 Electrostatic  decay time

1000-10V, within 0.2 sec.

 Power  consumption


 Approx.  Weight